NT Cera designs, manufactures, and delivers high-performance advanced technical ceramics for partners that serve to U.S. military, law enforcement, and security organizations. As one of the very few advanced ballistic ceramics manufacturers across the globe, NT Cera produces the lightest and strongest ballistic protective ceramics in its field.
NT Cera is the U.S. expansion of Nurol Technology. Nurol Technology was founded in 2008 with the purpose of offering ballistic armor production and solutions to protect military and law enforcement troops across the globe.


Superior Product– Advanced ceramic solutions – adaptable solutions for changing conditions; designed for utmost protection while being uniquely light and delivering the highest degree of ballistic survivability with minimum weight. 

Combat Proven– Providing high-performance ceramics to protect troops, officers, and security personnel on 5 continents and over 60 countries. 

Delivery at Speed and Scale- manufacturing facilities – 1.4M sqft production facility. In-house design, production and testing. Agile platform meeting evolving needs.


With NT products, 1.5+ million ballistic plates, 10,000+ ballistic shields and 5,000+ square meters of vehicles have been armored to date. Even in the hottest conflict environments; we continue to protect our protectors.


NT Cera carries out activities in the field of powder metallurgy, prescription preparation, development of new products and verification tests. With the saturation and knowledge of this whole process, NT Cera possesses differentiating capabilities and competencies.
Advanced Technology
NT Cera, with its competent and qualified R&D; strives to produce the best product by integrating new technologies into its products and production lines. In this process, it follows current developments with precision and incorporates today's technology such as AI / ML into its solutions.
Production Excellence
NT Cera, which controls the whole process from powder preparation to ceramic production; creates value at all stages, ensures total quality operations and develops its lines to continuously reduce production costs.
Unique Recipes
With its advanced technical chemistry and materials engineering knowledge, NT Cera; develops its own production processes; constantly improving its product and revealing the lightest and extremely resistant ceramics.
Speed & Scale
NT Cera with its high production capacity and volume; can optimize the production lines according to the demand and meet the demand in the fastest way. NT Cera continues to increase its capacity every day.


  • All in-house operations for powder preparation, cold pressing and sintering (batch, vacuum and hot-press)
  • Extensive processing capabilities in ballistic ceramics; B4C-SiC-Al2O3 and WC

    Integrating innovative and state-of-the-art technologies into the production line

  • Optimal, agile and innovative production techniques as a result of close cooperation with top research and technical universities
  • Production according to the mass-effective & cost-effective demands


  • 100% precision/approval is required for the product to be ready for delivery
  • Multi-stage verifications

  • Ballistic, visual, dimensional, density, micro-structural, macro-structural, simulation & conditioning tests

  • Traceability – Randomly selecting and testing 4 out of every 100 products in the production line (Ratios may vary by demand)

  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, AS9100 accreditations


To create and develop quality awareness at all levels within and outside of NT Cera.
To always monitor, ensure and maintain the compliance of our quality management system with our activities and the standards that we comply with; customer requirements, laws and regulations, and continuously improve system performance.

To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level in the products and services we provide, to produce and serve with high reliability in accordance with standards.

Eliminating the processes that do not create value, make timely deliveries with the effective use of resources and to create a quality management system that aims at continuous improvement.